Bitcoin Market Cap Reaches $1,206.72 Billion (BTC)

Bitcoin (BTC) traded up 7.7% against the US dollar during the one day period ending at 23:00 PM E.T. on February 28th. Bitcoin has a total market cap of $1,206.72 billion and $88.48 billion worth of Bitcoin was traded on exchanges in the last day. During the last week, Bitcoin has traded up 19% against the US dollar. One Bitcoin coin can now be purchased for $61,440.29 on popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

Here’s how similar cryptocurrencies have performed during the last day:

  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) traded up 2.7% against the dollar and now trades at $299.75 or 0.00487869 BTC.
  • Arweave (AR) traded up 22.9% against the dollar and now trades at $27.96 or 0.00045503 BTC.
  • Bitcoin SV (BSV) traded 2.1% higher against the dollar and now trades at $81.31 or 0.00132336 BTC.
  • eCash (XEC) traded 2.2% higher against the dollar and now trades at $0.0000 or 0.00000000 BTC.
  • Syscoin (SYS) traded 20.5% higher against the dollar and now trades at $0.20 or 0.00000320 BTC.

About Bitcoin

Bitcoin (BTC) is a proof-of-work (PoW) coin that uses the SHA-256 hashing algorithm. It launched on July 13th, 2010. Bitcoin’s total supply is 19,640,556 coins. Bitcoin’s official website is Bitcoin’s official Twitter account is @bitcoin and its Facebook page is accessible here. Bitcoin’s official message board is The Reddit community for Bitcoin is and the currency’s Github account can be viewed here.

According to CryptoCompare, “Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that uses peer-to-peer technology and a blockchain to record transactions. It was created by Satoshi Nakamoto and the first block was mined on January 3, 2009. Bitcoin transactions are recorded on a blockchain, which is a distributed ledger that can be accessed by anyone to verify transactions. Transactions are verified by miners, who are rewarded with a set amount of Bitcoin and transaction fees. The supply of Bitcoin is limited to 21 million coins and it is divisible to eight decimal places. A wallet is needed to use Bitcoin and it consists of a public key, which is used to send and receive payments, and a private key, which is used to control the wallet. Bitcoin can be used for a variety of purposes, including everyday transactions, as a store of value, or for investment.”

Bitcoin Coin Trading

Investors seeking to trade Bitcoin using U.S. dollars directly can do so using GDAX, Gemini or Coinbase.

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