Absolute Software (TSE:ABST) Trading Up 0.1%

Shares of Absolute Software Co. (TSE:ABSTGet Free Report) traded up 0.1% on Monday . The company traded as high as C$15.24 and last traded at C$15.20. 116,298 shares changed hands during mid-day trading, a decline of 25% from the average session volume of 154,346 shares. The stock had previously closed at C$15.19.

Absolute Software Stock Performance

The company has a market cap of C$807.42 million, a PE ratio of -23.03 and a beta of 0.36. The company has a debt-to-equity ratio of 8,663.36, a quick ratio of 0.60 and a current ratio of 0.65. The firm has a fifty day moving average of C$15.19.

Absolute Software Company Profile

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Absolute Software Corporation develops, markets, and provides software services that support the management and security of computing devices, applications, data, and networks for various organizations. The company's Absolute platform offer Absolute Visibility that provides information on device hardware, software, and location; Absolute Control that provide remediation capabilities, such as the ability to remotely freeze devices and delete data; Absolute Resilience, which offer remote scripting, self-healing for critical apps, investigation and recovery services, and sensitive data identification; Absolute Ransomware Response that enables organizations to assess their ransomware preparedness for endpoints, monitors their endpoint cyber hygiene across the entire device fleet and allows for an expedited endpoint recovery; Absolute VPN an enterprise solution; Absolute ZTNA that protects networks and employees with real time risk analysis; and Absolute Insights for Network provides real-time data about device, application, and network performance in a single pane of glass.

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