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Why final day could mean millions

Why final day could mean millions

Posted on 19. May, 2017 by in Other Sources

How much money could your club earn this weekend?

Think the season is over? Think again. We've worked out what your club could earn in prize money on the final day of the campaign.

A cool £1.9m is awarded by the Premier League for each place from 20th upwards, and with the help of, we've worked out how much prize money your club could lose or gain in the final week of the campaign.

The biggest potential earners are around the bottom half of the Premier League, with a potential £11.4m swing for several clubs.

Read below to see what your club could take home come Sunday evening...

(All kick-offs 3pm)

Arsenal v Everton

Arsenal - Currently 5th and unlikely to finish third, but a move up to fourth earns them an extra £1.9m. Liverpool sit fourth on 73 points knowing they will guarantee Champions League qualification if they beat relegated Middlesbrough at Anfield. A point further back, fifth-placed Arsenal are reliant on other results, despite beating Sunderland 2-0 on Tuesday to keep their slim hopes of Champions League qualification alive.

Liverpool vs M'boro

May 21, 2017, 3:00pm

Live on

Everton - Can't move from 7th. Guaranteed £22.6m prize money

Burnley v West Ham

Burnley - Currently 15th, can move to 11th if they beat West Ham, Leicester lose and Crystal Palace and Stoke City fail to win. That's a gain of £7.6m, but a potential loss of £3.8m if they drop two places to 17th, which will happen if Watford and Swansea win and the Clarets lose.

West Ham - Currently 12th and unlikely to move up to 10th but can move up to 11th and earn £1.9m if they beat Burnley and Leicester don't beat Bournemouth at home. West Ham can also drop to 16th, a potential loss of £7.6m, if Palace, Stoke, Burnley and Watford all win and the Hammers lose.

Chelsea v Sunderland

Chelsea - Can't move from 1st. Guaranteed £38m prize money

Sunderland and Chelsea cannot move from their positions

Sunderland - Can't move from 20th. Guaranteed £1.9m prize money

Hull v Tottenham

Hull City - Can't move from 18th. Guaranteed £5.7m prize money

Tottenham - Can't move from 2nd. Guaranteed £36.1m prize money.

Leicester v Bournemouth

Leicester - Currently 11th, but can finish as high as eighth, but only if they beat Bournemouth, and Southampton and West Brom lose, and they earn a 12-goal swing over the Saints. It is more likely that they can finish ninth if they beat Bournemouth and West Brom lose at Swansea, which would earn them an extra £3.8m. They could also drop to 15th, a potential loss of £7.6m from their current place.

Craig Shakespeare could end the season on a high with Leicester

Bournemouth - Currently 10th, but can finish as high as eighth if they beat West Brom and Southampton don't beat Stoke at home, which would be an extra £3.8m in the kitty from their current spot. They could also finish as low as 12th, but with an unlikely goal difference swing with West Ham. If they lost at Leicester, they are likely to finish 11th.

Liverpool v Middlesbrough, live on Sky Sports 1 HD from 2pm

Liverpool - Currently 4th, but could move up to third or drop down to fifth, or £1.9m difference in prize money either way. They face Middlesbrough at home, and will move to third if they win and Man City lose at Watford.

Middlesbrough - Can't move from 19th. Guaranteed £3.8m prize money.

Manchester United v Crystal Palace

Manchester United - Can't move from 6th. Guaranteed £28.5m prize money

Crystal Palace are one side who could shift places

Crystal Palace - Currently 13th, but could move as high as 11th and earn an extra £3.8m if they win, West Ham don't win at Burnley, and Leicester don't win at home to Bournemouth. Palace could also drop to 17th, but that is unlikely with Swansea's goal difference, but could feasibly finish 16th and lose out on £5.7m if they lose, Watford win, Burnley win and Stoke draw.

Southampton v Stoke City

Southampton - Currently eighth and can't move higher. They can however lose £3.8m and drop to 10th if they lose at home to Stoke, West Brom get a point at Swansea and Bournemouth beat Leicester.

Stoke City - Currently 14th, but can move as high as 11th if they win at Saints, Leicester lose at home to Bournemouth, and both West Ham and Palace don't win their games. That would hand Stoke an extra £5.7m, but they could also drop to 17th, and more likely 16th, if they lose, Burnley get a draw and Watford beat Man City.

Swansea v West Brom

Swansea - Currently in 17th and can't move lower, but could move up to 13th and earn an extra £7.6m, however only with a hugely unlikely 15-goal swing on Crystal Palace and other results going their way. More likely, Swansea could finish 15th if they beat West Brom at home, and both Burnley and Watford lose. That would give them a cool £3.8m extra in prize money.

Swansea could move up four places in the Premier League

West Brom - Currently 9th, but could finish a place higher and earn £1.9m if they can better Southampton's result at home to Stoke. They are unlikely to drop to 11th or 12th, barring a huge goal swing with West Ham and Bournemouth, but will move down to 10th if they lose, due to Bournemouth and Leicester playing each other.

Watford v Man City, live on Sky Sports 2 HD from 2.45pm

Watford - currently 16th, and though they are unlikely to finish as high as 11th due to goal difference, they could feasibly finish 12th and earn an extra £7.6m if they beat Man City, West Ham lose, and Palace, Stoke and Burnley all fail to win. They could also drop to 18th.

Watford vs Man City

May 21, 2017, 2:45pm

Live on

Manchester City - currently 3rd, but could drop to fifth and lose £3.8m if they lose at Watford, both Liverpool and Arsenal win, and with a five-goal swing with the Gunners.

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