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Suarez Takes Responsibility for Lack of Goals

Suarez Takes Responsibility for Lack of Goals

Posted on 27. Aug, 2012 by in News

Luis Suarez has taken responsibility for Liverpool’s failure to find the back of the net. Suarez, who scored a free-kick worthy of any player in full goal scoring form, insisted that he is to blame for the lack of goals despite the team’s dominance throughout games.

“The problem isn’t with anyone else - I am the problem,” he said.

“Missing chances is all down to me.

“I need to take my time more when I do have chances. Sometimes I am rushing at chances too much and I know the problem is mine.

“It is up to me to sort it out and to start scoring goals. That is what we have training for”.

Prior to joining Liverpool, the Uruguayan international was the world’s leading goal scorer, even bettering Lionel Messi. Yet despite this, the player believes luck has a key part to play in him finishing chances and hopes that fortune will once again show favour on him.

“I scored a lot of goals in Holland, but in Holland I scored a lot of lucky goals.

“If you look back on my goals in Holland you will see that, a lot of times, I didn’t even hit them properly, but they went in.

“If there is one thing that is missing in this country it is that bit of luck that can make a big difference. I am hoping that it will return and then I will score more goals.”

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