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Statistics to Guide Comolli’s Transer Policy

Statistics to Guide Comolli’s Transer Policy

Posted on 26. Apr, 2011 by in News

Director of football Damien Comolli recently stated that specific player statistics will be guiding Liverpool’s transfer policies.  The Frenchman specifically stated that the general health of players will be a paramount focus of future scouting and transfers. Talking about his most recent target, Blaise Matuidi, Comolli had this to say:

“I looked at his stats over the last three years – especially the number of matches played. We are going in the right direction of players who don’t get injured. We are going to take more and more account of the health of a player in the future. It costs so much having players who don’t play.

“With Luis, we took account of the number of decisive passes, his performances against the big teams, against the little ones, in Europe, the difference between his goals scored at home and away.”

This emphasis on statistics has aided certainly Comolli in the past.  During his tenure at Tottenham, Comolli masterminded the transfers of such key players as Luka Modric, Gareth Bale, and Alan Hutton. It is already well known that Comolli was a very active agent in the transfers of Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll; his future involvement will be inevitable. The rumor mill is rife with Liverpool transfer speculation, and it is fair to assume there will be a fair number of  large transfers this summer. This emphasis on the statistical contributions and health of players should ensure an influx of consistent, talented performers.

I for one would not mind seeing a few players of Gareth Bale’s talent making Anfield home.

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