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Liverpool’s New Signing: A Fresh Perspective

Posted on 03. Aug, 2015 by in Blog

I haven’t written anything for a while but I just had to come out of hibernation to counter the nonsense people are writing about Liverpool’s new signing—Christian Benteke. Just like Benteke’s previous employers, these writers have no clue on how to get the best out the Belgian Striker. Benteke seems to thrive on having teammates around him near the opposition penalty area. This is the key to bring the best out of him and something that the Liverpool manager: Brendan Rodgers needs to understand.

While it is common knowledge that Benteke is good at holding up the ball and bringing other players into play, most people seem to ignore his ability in the final third where he is great at engineering a pass and finding space to shoot. Think back to last season when he made a mockery of a top class defender like Smalling and set up Wineman for a goal against Manchester United, you will come to realize that when it comes to running at defenders and effectiveness in the final third, there aren’t many strikers in the premier league better than Benteke.

Christian Benteke is excellent at winning the ball from goal kicks and it is an absolute joy watching him bring the ball under control. He is most definitely not another Andy Carol .He has much more to offer Liverpool than the poor man’s Drogba did. With Benteke; Liverpool’s money is definitely not going the drain. Benteke’s injury record is fine and he manages to stay fit for most part of the season. However, one bad thing about the Belgian striker is that he is prone to a red card as he seems to lose his temper easily on the field.

Benteke’s best performance to date came in Villa’s game against Sunderland where they scored six in the 2012-2013 seasons. If you didn’t watch that match because of ticket prices or any other reason, you surely need to see the highlights as it will give you great insight into what exactly Benteke can offer Liverpool football club.

Benteke is genuinely two footed, takes a good free kick, has quick presence of mind, is a quick runner, and is excellent in the air. In all honesty, he is the best striker Liverpool has had since Suarez. There isn’t much stopping Benteke from becoming a Kop hero. There are several websites where you can buy football tickets. You can check out the club website or visit a ticketing website to know the  ticket prices before you set your heart on watching Benteke take on West Ham’s defenders at Anfield.

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