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Liverpool FC Rumours Suggest a Number of Transfers in the Coming Year

Liverpool FC Rumours Suggest a Number of Transfers in the Coming Year

Posted on 19. Feb, 2018 by in Blog

Liverpool have a ton of money to splash around, but so far, they seem indecisive in what to do with it. The club has some real talent, but there’s always room for more. However, they haven’t given off any concrete signs of where they’re going to go in 2018. One thing that’s for sure is that Coutinho will need to be replaced. He left the club at the beginning of this year, and Liverpool FC transfer rumours abound as to who will fill his shoes. Tons of rumours have been coming in from:

  • Liverpool Echo
  • Spanish newspapers
  • Italian dailies

Liverpool FC Transfer Rumours Have Been Sourced from Multiple News Outlets

It seems that the club is in the contest with Arsenal when it comes to bringing in Brazil forward Malcom. Many clubs would love to get this talented footballer into the Premier League, but as it stands, this may be looking increasingly unlikely according to a recent Liverpool FC management rumour. Bordeaux president Martin has confirmed that no talks have been held with clubs from abroad, and also said that the player was not for sale. As a result, it seems unlikely that he’s going to be appearing any time soon. Fans waiting for more information can always pass time with free slots real money games.

The Echo Is Providing Some of the Latest Liverpool FC for Sale Rumours

The Liverpool Echo, always a reliable source for news on the team, has reported that Klopp is more interested in recruiting a different player. Rodriguez, a midfielder for Real Madrid, seems like the most likely replacement. The player is currently on loan to Bayern Munich, and still has six months left out of his two-year placement with the team. Any possible deal would rely on Rodriguez returning to Real Madrid before any future plans could be made. While this may not be set in stone, it still seems like a possible outcome for the future of this top player when it comes to Liverpool FC for sale rumours.

As things stand regarding Malcom, it looks like he won’t be heading anywhere anytime soon. Even Wenger admitted that it seems unlikely the player will be leaving Bordeaux. He has admitted much in press conferences and seems certain that he won’t be going anywhere for another few months. That said, it does look at the moment like Ronaldo may be making his way to the UK. A Spanish newspaper has him tipped to join Manchester United, a deal allegedly given the green light by Mourinho. It looks like the club may end up spending as much as 350 million pounds to secure this fantastic player in the Summer.

Liverpool FC Management Rumour and Speculation Points Multiple Directions

Rumours suggest that Ronaldo is not especially happy with contract negotiations at Bernabeu, and may have told his teammates that he would rather move back to the Premier League. Understandably, Manchester United is his preference. Meanwhile, Chelsea is enquiring into the availability of Roma striker Dzeko. Italian news sources claim that a possible deal may be in the works at some point in the near future. The club is already investigating the possibility of picking up Brazilian Emerson, and Dzeko’s name has also shown up in the negotiations.


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