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Posted on 19. May, 2017 by in Other Sources


Liverpool's stature has always been enough to attract players, says Klopp, but the Champions League would give them an edge in the transfer market...

"On the table situation over the last 10 years, from the outside Liverpool always looked like a massive club. I can only speak from this German view, about other clubs – Chelsea has the money, Manchester City is coming up, Man United is Man United – all that stuff. This view changed. We are a really interesting project. Everybody can see from outside the mood is different, the few people are different.

"The base is still there, still the size and power of this club, and then there’s the players’ perspective. And  that’s really changed. We feel this but they have to see it before they make a decision.

"We made a decision, because that’s always how it is in these talks, you commit 100 per cent and then a player says ‘sounds good, but…’ Plan C you have to sign when Plan A and B is not there. But the players are really positive this year in comparison to last year. They saw our way and saw the football. Champions League would be the icing on the cake.

"If Champions League is the only reason for a player to come it makes no sense for him or for us."

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