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Brendan Rodgers Report Card: A Season in Review pt. 1 – Offensive Competence

Brendan Rodgers Report Card: A Season in Review pt. 1 – Offensive Competence

Posted on 16. Jun, 2013 by in Blog, Slider

  • Name: Brendan Rodgers
  • Date of Birth: 26/01/1973
  • Place of Birth: Carnlough, Northern Ireland
  • Current Position Held: Manager of Liverpool Football Club
  • Past Experience: Chelsea Reserves, Watford, Reading, Swansea City

Mr. Rodgers, it has now been 12 months since your tenure at Liverpool Football Club began; in respect of this we felt it necessary to review your progress and asses your performance during the 2012/13 season.

Please find below a graded assessment of your season, along with a few points of constructive criticism to take into the 2013/14 season. You will find in brackets some retrospective statistics from the 2011/12 season for your own reference.

Offensive Competence – B-; A vast improvement.

  • Goals Scored – Premier League 71 (47), All Competitions 98 (79)
  • Top Scorers – Suarez 23 (11), Sturridge 10, Gerrard 9 (5)
  • Top Creators – Gerrard 9 (3), Downing 6 (0) , Enrique 6 (2)

Undeniably the most notable shortcoming of the previous campaign and a comprehensive improvement in almost all areas this season, which we are pleased to see. Top scorer Luis Suarez brought in the majority of the goals, almost clinching the golden boot, which is an impressive feat, very much rescuing the first half of the season. It is clear to see the improvement of Mr. Suarez under your management; he has become the creative, instinctive and clinical finisher that fans pay to come and see.

The early use of both youth players and improvisation with outfield players in forward positions is an understandable consequence of  a lack of transfer activity which was somewhat regrettable, but necessary. The change of roles for Jose Enrique and Stewart Downing helped somewhat balance the side, as well as providing a much needed rest for Raheem Stirling. Making the most of little resources seems to be one of your strengths Mr. Rodgers; we acknowledge and commend that, know that funds will be available over the summer to strengthen to that end.

We’re also impressed by the noticeable improvement of Mr. Dalglish’s summer signings, Jordan Henderson and Stewart Downing, with both players improving all aspects of their game under your guidance. Jordan Henderson’s abundant increase in confidence has had a very positive effect on our ability to put pressure on our opponents midfield. Relieving pressure on our forward players and allowing them to push further up the pitch; a key factor of some of our larger victories such as Norwich at home and Newcastle away.

Some of the more public methods in which you inspired these improvements are questionable, most notably the infamous “sealed envelope” and public castigation of Stewart Downing. We are willing to overlook this and give the benefit of the doubt as progress is progress and we greatly anticipate seeing more goals and creativity in the near-future.

An area we certainly feel improvement is needed is set pieces. Whilst we understand that this is not a focus of your style of play, it is very unfortunate that these opportunities are not capitalized upon more. It has been very apparent throughout this season that our threat in the box from dead ball situations is slim to none.

We were, however impressed with the offensive performance of your winter signings, Daniel Sturridge and Philippe Coutinho, bringing an impressive 13 goals and 11 assists collectively. We hope to see this continue into next season and will reserve further judgement until then.

Sturridge’s instinctive ability to finish from all sorts of angles and distances has breathed a new lease of life on our offensive capability. His attitude may have been questioned at times, but we believe that with your careful management of this temperament he will maintain a level of consistency throughout next season.

The arrival of Coutinho in the latter stages of the season seems to have revolutionized our ability to bring creativity in the final third and we now understand your desperation to secure his signing in January. As a young and maturing player his intelligence and vision, combined with the ability to thread passes into key attacking areas made the difference in several games such as Newcastle and Fulham away. We believe that his services will be key to realising our ambitions in the 2013-14 season.

To conclude; we are happy with the progress that is being made in this area and feel that with the correct use of transfer funds this will continue.

Next week: Pt. 2 – Defensive Competence

Let me know what your thoughts are on our offensive improvements and short comings in the comments section and I’d love to talk about it on Twitter too! I’m @Robbdigs.

  • Razen

    I believe, you would find Coutinho and Sturridge to be our winter signings.