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Adam is a professional actor and voiceover artist. You may well have seen him in TV Shows such as The IT Crowd, The Thick Of It and The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret. He's also a lifelong Liverpool supporter - even his dog is called Shankly. You can follow Adam on Twitter - @adam_smith_82
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  • 6731__1435__suarez517
    November 1st

    Luis Suarez – Words Are All We Have

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    There are many words than can be used to describe Luis Suarez. So many superlatives have been spoken already that Brendan Rodgers and John W. Henry chose the same derivative for him after his display against West Brom: Magic. But [...]

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  • Willian playing for Anzhi
    August 20th

    Black. White. There Is No Grey.

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    Twitter has the potential to be a wonderful device. It can be used for truly great things, such as the unquestionable revolution it helped to mastermind during the Arab Springs. It allows like-minded people to communicate about any number of [...]

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  • suarezangelordevil
    June 19th

    Sympathy for the Devil

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    Luis, Luis, Luis. What are we going to do with you? Luis Suarez is, to some extent, a riddle wrapped in an enigma hidden in a crossword puzzle. Can any of us really understand what goes on inside his head? [...]

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